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New US Military Space Plane Aims for 2017 Liftoff

9 hot Indian innovators that Silicon Valley could buy next

NASA’s CT-2 Preps for Larger Deep Space Launches

In the Future Little Robots will Outnumber the Big Ones

Surveillance by Algorithm

Bitcoin Is a Protocol. Bitcoin Is a Brand.

‘Carbon bubble’ poses serious threat to UK economy, MPs warn

Time running out for Great Barrier Reef: scientists

5 Things to Lessen Your Anxiety About Big Data

Breakthrough: How to Avert Analytics’ Most Treacherous Pitfall

A Genetic Entrepreneur Sets His Sights on Aging and Death

A Clever Robotic Arm on Kickstarter, Straight From Chinese Factory Whizzes

The Uncertain Future of the Global Cloud

Wyoming Governor Takes Major Stand Against Modern Science

Assange at SXSW: ‘Who really wears the pants in the administration?’

Japan’s Strategic Approach to Democracy Support

NASA’s WISE Survey Finds Thousands of New Stars, But No ‘Planet X’

Independent Scotland would lose UK’s AAA rating, warns Citigroup

Ukraine crisis: why Russia sees Crimea as its naval stronghold

China Has Launched the Largest Water-Pipeline Project in History

Nanomotors controlled within living cells

How wearables will change the enterprise landscape

Lockheed Martin, University of Maryland to develop next generation quantum computer

Infrastructure Threatened by Climate Change Poses a National Crisis


Russia turns to drones and robots as army shrinks

The U.S. Does Not Have As Much Leverage Over Russia’s Energy As You Think

DARPA SHIELD targets counterfeit parts

Why It’s Hard to Impose Sanctions on Russia

2030 Space Odyssey: NASA will search for alien life in Jupiter’s moon

7 hidden dangers of wearable computers

The dark side of 3D printing: 10 things to watch


Mobile devices of the future will get energy from everywhere except the wall socket

Marc Andreessen Thinks the News Business Is About to Grow 1,000 Percent

Robotic Technology to Preserve Wildlife: A Scenario

Learning without Schools: A Contrarian Future

New Record Set for Data-Transfer Speeds

Glimmer of Light Appears in Search for Dark Matter

This is what 3D printed wood looks like

Rise of the human exoskeletons

How Data from Wearable Tech is Transforming Personal Training and Sport Performance

Click Your Tongue Or Wink To Control This Tiny Computer Earclip

Three Metrics that will Move the World

Microgrids will soon make large electrical grids obsolete

Futuristic Moon Elevator Idea Takes Aim at Lunar Lifts

Technological Growth and Unemployment: A Global Scenario Analysis

Will SpaceX Super Rocket Kill NASA’s ‘Rocket to Nowhere’? (Op-Ed)

Cameras That Can See Through Walls!

The Future of Venture Capital, Tech Valuations and the Fate of Tech Incumbents – Conversation with Bill Janeway

When Regulation Threatens, Bankers Predict Doom For Main Street

Human Longevity Inc. launched to promote healthy aging using advances in genomics and stem-cell therapies

Supplement added to a standard diet improves health and prolongs life in mice

Robotic-assisted prostate surgery offers better cancer control, study finds

Study pinpoints protective mutations for type 2 diabetes

How to generate new neurons in brains, spinal cords of living adult mammals

Two-dimensional ‘electron gas’ creates radical microelectronics devices

How memory and thought alter the meaning of odors

Evidence of former life on Mars?

Will 3D Printing Upend Fashion Like Napster Crippled the Music Industry?

Ukraine: A Mistake Moscow Will Regret

Will Google Maps Ever Come to Apple CarPlay

The Case for Blunders

Silicon Valley real estate mogul turns to curing cancer through big data

3 Technologies that Will Rock Your World

Ballmer: Microsoft Missed the Mobile Market Over Last Decade

Worth $1 Billion, Iceland’s Cryptocurrency Is the Third-Largest in the World

When Start-Ups Don’t Lock the Doors

InPowered Opens Platform to Push Popular Content to Native Ads

‘Government as a Platform’: How Cloud Computing Is Progressing Inside The Beltway

Most Stars in the Universe Host an Alien Planet

China Working on New Intermediate-Range Missile

Warheads and Wealth: Five Keys to Russia’s Power

Banking, Information, and Technology: Toward Knowledge Banking

Ukrainian authorities suffer new cyber attacks

Cyber weapon known as Snake attacking Ukraine’s computer network

Border Patrol tells agents to retreat from rock throwers, not shoot

Federal agencies embrace new technology and strategies to find the enemy within

Naval Espionage

Resolving For Cybersecurity Threats To The Cloud

Cybersecurity Priorities Unveiled in FY 2015 Budget

NIST report on iris aging flawed: researchers

Why Study? College Hackers Are Changing F’s To A’s

Suspected Russian spyware Turla targets Europe, United States

Safeguarding networks when disasters strike



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