I have the glory to have read every book by Dr. Raymond Kurzweil with the sole exception of “Transcend.”  Dr. Kurzweil is an engineer graduate from grandiose M.I.T. (the technological avant-garde within the Ivy League universities). Beyond his many inventions, patents, breakthroughs and scientific discoveries, please remember that Ray holds 19 doctoral degrees among many other amenities. I exactly love the way he exercises his mind. And instead of fighting sourly against with his contrarians, he kindly and respectfully invites them to lavishly publish the opposing views on books and blogs. Ray is a pervasive sage by any known or unknown measure. He is now the Chief Engineer Officer at Google and the Chairman of the Singularity University (founded by him with the institutional backing of NASA and Google). We all love the Founding Fathers, especially Jefferson and Franklin. But tons of Americans and others seem to frequently and prevalently ignore this Hi-Tech Founding Father. Within his duties at Google, he is embarked into the greatest scientific advancement in order to transform any illness or biological cause of death (natural death) into a superseded cure (outright state of well-being), radically. HE IS INTO STRINGENT R&D&I TO MAKE HUMAN DEATH A THING OF THE PAST. I also argue that he will be auspiciously fighting against challenges and problems in order to systemically and systematically reverse-engineer the biological human brain to get the correct software templates for Strongest Quantum Computing. In “The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology” (ISBN-13: 978-0143037880) book, Ray argues that most extraterrestrial beings exhibit a grayish look because they are the transbiologicals stemming from [outer-space] advanced civilizations. Transbiologicals are extraterrestrials who have transcended their own biology. Having said that and since the advent of his landmark book (I wish all fact-driven books were written like this canonical marvel), he has given many interviews and speeches about The Technological Singularity. As a process of that, one day Ray ended up giving a seminal keynote to the upper management and scientists at SETI Institute. SETI, an American Organization, stands for Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Conversely, the about one-hour talk was about the Technological Singularity and the Law of Accelerating Returns as it posited by Ray himself. Towards the end of the keynote, one or two SETI scientists told Ray that, as per their own research, they were considering as a probable and plausible scenario that extraterrestrials’ domicile was within the immeasurable limits of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. The original and official YouTube video published by SETI is at     In the mean time, kindly please have a lot of educational and auspicious fun in ignored flanks.